Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blog a Day - Day 2

Yes! I made it before the day is over. What is up with the snow, yo? Madness! Class was for the dumps this morning and it dragged on for foreverrr. I had a Marketing exam I didn't do too swift with. I did good with the essay questions at least. Meh, I studied my butt off and did my best that's all that matters, right? and there was a group meeting at 2 that lasted until 430 or so.

So weee I'm uber happy tonight. I got my lovely coasters I ordered from BowieChick's Etsy shop. GO VISIT HER SHOP! She has one set set of coasters left. I was tempted to buy the other set because I was so torn between the two, but someone else should enjoy the awesomeness. Decisions are not my friend! Ooh! The Pens won! 6-4 vs. Tampa Bay Lightning. YES clinched playoff spot for them.

Hehe my dad sent me a picture of my little doggy Beemer. He got his hair cut. See the before and after photo.

Totally different looking dog. He's part Dachshund (his mother) and Shi-Tzu (neighbor's dog).

I think that is all that happened in my day, so I'm going to finish my cherry cola and go make out with my pillow! Nite world!

Music I played while typing this blog entry:
*~Babylon Zoo - Spaceman
*~Nine Inch Nails - Hurt
*~Art of Noise - Moments In Love
*~Electric Light Orchestra - Twilight

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