Thursday, May 14, 2009


Yay! I have two items up on my SheepBum Etsy shop. is where all my felted and knit items will be and will be other items such as jewelry, polymer clay figures, magnets...not sure what else yet. Hope to get some sales once I put more items up. This is really my best hobby doing crafts. I looove video games, but crafting is so relaxing, though head shots are too hehe

Wow, it is storming pretty good outside right now. I miss a good thunderstorm. The electrical ones are the best. Who doesn't love those? I don't know what to really say in this post. I'm back from school, so some stress relief. Got back May 2nd. School still haunts me during the summer because of the worry of not being able to afford to go another year. I have one year left at University. I started school in 2003. I took time off after high school (2001) to work and figure out funds to get started, changed my major three times (Theatre - English - Bio - CompSci(IT)) geez! so yeah It's taking me a good time to graduate. Eek I better get off the computer. The storm is building up more. Yay for Friday tomorrow! <3