Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Last post as a 25 yr old

Goodbye 25! What a great year it was. Ah! My life just flashed before me! Nooo! It's too soon for that! ::sobs:: I've had a pretty good life so far.

I sold an item on etsy today! Alice in Wonderland bookmark. Sending that out to Italy tomorrow. Today was a bleh day. I mostly did school work -- took 3 quizes, wrote a bunch of post. My final exam is due by Sunday before 11PM. I'm doing pretty well. I have higher than average on my scores. My post are quite lengthy. I suppose I can break them up some to make a bunch of smaller post. Hrm dang, I should have thought of that earlier! Oh well, I'll think of that for next week (writing a note to self for I am too old to remember).

Seriously, this blog and posting on my course board has really helped me open up in conversation. Before I use to think if I say something, people would think I'm a moron or just weird. Now, I feel excited talking about random crap that pops into mind. The only fear I have with that is people thinking I have I was never tested for that. Anyway, I grew up by Philly in an uptight, rich area where if one didn't act or dress a certain way, they were simply ignored or criticized. So that's where most of my issues come from. People have always said "you're so shy". It's not that I'm shy, I'm just afraid to say or do something that may reject me from the group. I feel things are getting better though. I go to uni by Pittsburgh and I feel like I can be whoever I want to be. It's so amazing how down-to-earth people are there. My first friends at uni are from the Pittsburgh area. They all approached me first and where I come from that is a odd thing for a stranger to do. I did a double take like "are you talking to me??? Really!??" I'm definitely going to be living in Western PA after graduation. I feel so at home there and my self-esteem is 100x better. -

Saturday, June 27, 2009

GoNintendo, Projects and Birthday

Woohoo! My Shy Guy figurine was posted on! Pretty awesome hehe.

My next clay projects, by request, will be Elebits and Dr. Mario viruses. I have some other projects in mind that I can't wait to get started. I'm going to knit up some DS pouches with characters stitched in by using intarsia knitting. Hopefully I will get a day next week, though I will be busy with my course and my birthday is on the 2nd. My birthday = no work! I really can't go a day without doing something crafty...Well I suppose since no one will be around until the evening on Thursday I can make something during the day. Wish my birthday fell on a weekend so I can see everybody all day and we can actually do something outside while it's light out :(

I really don't want to turn 26. It's so weird when I was 16 it felt like forever before turning 18 and when I was 18 time went sooo slow before I turned 21. After 21 time just flew. Ah! -

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shy Guy Clay Figurine

I had some fun today making Shy Guy out of polymer clay ^_^
hmm do I want to sell him?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Slow Etsy Shop

I opened my new shop June 9th. I'm itching for my first sale so bad. My items are getting views and some users have favorited a few, but why no sales yet? Is it because it's the summer holiday and people rather spend their cash on vacation? Are my prices too high?

I currently have 13 items. I'm planning on having some knit items up soon. Seems like people buy the strangest things so maybe I'll make something strange and see where it goes. ^_^

My shop can be found on the right of my blog. I just listed a couple items today. I also started my summer course today, Juvenile Delinquency. Doesn't seem like too much work. There are two quizzes each week, two discussions, and a couple videos to discuss. I was kinda lazy about it today...I blame Etsy!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Thursday, June 11, 2009

*New Shop!*

My new shop on Etsy is called Kellwee. Check sidebar on the right :)
I've been busy coming up with new ideas and testing out different crafts to see what I can create. Will post more tonight or tomorrow. It's going to thunderstorm again!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Yay! I have two items up on my SheepBum Etsy shop. is where all my felted and knit items will be and will be other items such as jewelry, polymer clay figures, magnets...not sure what else yet. Hope to get some sales once I put more items up. This is really my best hobby doing crafts. I looove video games, but crafting is so relaxing, though head shots are too hehe

Wow, it is storming pretty good outside right now. I miss a good thunderstorm. The electrical ones are the best. Who doesn't love those? I don't know what to really say in this post. I'm back from school, so some stress relief. Got back May 2nd. School still haunts me during the summer because of the worry of not being able to afford to go another year. I have one year left at University. I started school in 2003. I took time off after high school (2001) to work and figure out funds to get started, changed my major three times (Theatre - English - Bio - CompSci(IT)) geez! so yeah It's taking me a good time to graduate. Eek I better get off the computer. The storm is building up more. Yay for Friday tomorrow! <3