Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Slow Etsy Shop

I opened my new shop June 9th. I'm itching for my first sale so bad. My items are getting views and some users have favorited a few, but why no sales yet? Is it because it's the summer holiday and people rather spend their cash on vacation? Are my prices too high?

I currently have 13 items. I'm planning on having some knit items up soon. Seems like people buy the strangest things so maybe I'll make something strange and see where it goes. ^_^

My shop can be found on the right of my blog. I just listed a couple items today. I also started my summer course today, Juvenile Delinquency. Doesn't seem like too much work. There are two quizzes each week, two discussions, and a couple videos to discuss. I was kinda lazy about it today...I blame Etsy!

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